Friday, October 7, 2011

Miles of Difference for Those who Earned it

I have been blessed with a surreal amount of publicity and love surrounding Frequent Flyer Families, Inc. since its inception. I am thankful for all who have voted for the FFF nomination on - "2011 Best Daddy Blog". They have fixed/debugged the site if you were experiencing problems. 

I have also migrated to

I was driving home today when it hit me... What do all Frequent Flyers have in common? Duhhhh Frequent Flyer Miles. Imagine, if FFF helped people donate or give away unused AirMiles to something more useful than a magazine subscription. Well, it is possible... The search to collaborate with a non-profit organization in alignment with Frequent Flyer Families mission is almost sealed. 

FFF is currently establishing a relationship with an existing premier NPO to assist The Frequent Flyer Father blog's current momentum with immediate impact. While we are waiting on branding, marketing and solicitation agreements to be finalized, 
I am excited to announce...

FFF will advocate for Corporate/Executive Mothers and Fathers to donate personal airline miles for:
  • Hospitalized Men or Women serving in the US Army, Navy, Air-force or Department of Veteran Affairs to visit home and return. 
  • Families and close friends of service members to be at the bedside of loved ones. 
  • Service members with approved leave for five or more days to visit home to unite with their families. 

I could not think of more deserving families to re-unite from being away! And we don't need $$$$ to make it happen!

Can you think of a greater cause to give spare miles to? I am very grateful and hopeful to give back to the our hero's of war and protector's of our freedoms. 

Here are 3 things you can do today to help The Frequent Flyer Father Momentum 
  1. Like & Spread this initiative on FB/Twitter: Here
  2. Vote for FFF Parents magazine (only in every doc office in the country) comp: Here 
  3. Talk about it with your mom and get her reading, commenting and reposting.
Thanks for helping me make a difference from 35,000ft. When the Dad is in, everyone wins!